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Cryostat : Cryostat for Standard Applications in the Clinical Histopathology Laboratory Leica CM1850. The Leica CM1850 cryostat design incorporates emphasis on power savings, increased efficiency and operator safety. The result is a versatile cryostat with an optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing and smooth specimen orientation for the high-quality sectioning demanded in routine histology and clinical pathology. Up-to-date technology with an ergonomic design for faster and safer sectioning.

Leica RM 2125 Rotary Microtome : Low maintenance and backlash-free micrometer feed system with prelubricated cross roller bearings for the vertical and advance stroke. Precision cylinder guide system for horizontal movement. Manual sectioning via extremely smooth counterbalanced hand wheel rotation. Lateral displacement knife/blade holder system. Fast release specimen clamping system. Hand wheel lockable in any position using two independent locking and safety brake mechanisms. Section thickness settings from 0.5 to 60 um. Position adjustable locking levers. Available with counterclockwise or clockwise operation of the coarse feed wheel. Vertical stroke length approx. 60 mm. Horizontal specimen feed approx. 30 mm. Dustproof plastic housing resistant to common laboratory cleaning fluids. (Solvents such as xylene for cleaning purposes should be avoided.)


Tissue Processor : The Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor is a semi-enclosed tissue processor that is the perfect combination of proven technology and a modern, functionally enhanced design. Gentle specimen processing and maximum safety at all stages of processing are the result of robust engineering design based on proven and precise mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface. Features : Carousel type with 12 stations Configurations : Basic instrument, Vacuum function, Fume control system, Vacuum function with fume control system. Option : Two basket loading Tissue baskets made of metal with varying capacities of up to 80 cassettes Ergonomic control panel with foil-protected keyboard and LCD Infiltration time separately programmable for each station. Delayed start function up to 9 days Possibility of interrupting an automatic process for reloading or removing cassettes for special applications before the end of a run Easy editing and changing of programs, even during a processing run Audible alarms, error messages and warning codes Advanced safety concept Wide range of accessories

Leica Microscopes :

Manual Inverted Microscope for Basic Life Science Research Leica DMI3000 B : The Leica DMI3000 B research microscope supports all transmitted light methods including fluorescence, live cell, time-lapse imaging, high-speed multi-fluorescence optical sectioning, micromanipulation and more. The viewing angle of the ergonomic tube, a standard feature, can be continuously adjusted to ensure the most comfort for the user. The Leica DMI3000 B's viewing channel, a notch between the eyepieces, provides a clear view of the specimen regardless of the tube's position. All of the microscope's controls are easily accessible for convenient operation.


Manual Stereo Microscope : Combines Detailed, high-Contrast Imaging and wide Sample Overview Leica M165 C. The modular Leica M165 C fully apochromatic corrected stereo microscope with 16.5:1 zoom and maximum 906 lp/mm (planapochromatic 2x objective) allows the user to view the smallest detail of the sample and perform a 3-D analysis without changing instruments. The stereo microscope with the comprehensive range of ergonomic accessories, LED based illuminations and application specific software combines flexibility, convenience, and outstanding imaging performance for material testing and life science applications.

Leica DM500 binocular and trinocular microscope : The Leica DM500 microscope with plug and play capability is the ideal tool to make teaching entry-level college and university Life Science courses easy and fun for the instructor and the student. Student-friendly features such as the pre-focused, pre-centered condenser and the EZTube preset diopter, which prevent incorrect adjustments, provide more time for hands-on teaching. EZStore design with integrated handle and cord wrap allows easy carrying, easy lifting and protection against microscope component damage.


Inverted Laboratory Microscope with LED Illumination Leica DMIL LED : With high-performance optics, ergonomic design, and precise 10W LED illumination, the Leica DMIL LED is ideal for cell and tissue culture, micromanipulation, and live cell examinations. The Leica DMIL LED features the most comprehensive array of contrast methods. High stability, plenty of space to work with tools, long working distances for large culture flasks, illumination without heat, and the separate electronics unit make work at the microscope easy and convenient. The microscope adapts to each user with height-adjustable stages, Ergo tubes with variable height, and inter pupillary distance and diopter settings.

Living up to Life

The RM2265 is a top-of-the-line fully motorized and programmable rotary microtome of Leica Biosystems.


The Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor offers gentle specimen processing and a high level of specimen safety at all stages of processing run.




Fully Automated Upright Microscope System for Cutting-edge Life Science Research :




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