Range of products we deliver to the various Universities / Engineering & Medical Colleges / Polytechnics / ITIs / Research Institutes / Industries are used in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Civil & Survey Engineering and Medical Instrument divisions.

The products we offer to the various departments are as following :-

Electrical Engineering :

Digital / Analog Multimeter, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter
AC / DC Clamp Meter
LCR Meter / LCR-Q Meter
Power & Harmonic Analyzer, Power Factor Meter
Digital / Analog Insulation Tester / Earth Resistance Tester / Megger
Digital Thermometer / Thermo-Hygro Meter / Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Digital Anemometer / Moisture Meter, Energy Meter
Lux Meter, Contact / Non-Contact Tachometer, Stroboscope
Digital / Analog Oscilloscope / DSO, Function Generator, Frequency Counter, Spectrum Analyzer
DC Regulated Power Supply
Test Sets for Transformer: Oil Test Set / BDV Test Set, Transformer Turns Ration Meter, AC / DC High Voltage Test Set, Tan-Delta & Resistivity Test Set / Capacitance & Tan-Delta Test Set, Coil Winding Machine / Transformer Winding Resistance Meter, Micro-Ohm Meter, Test Bench, Insulation Resistance cum Polarization Index Test Kit
Primary & Secondary Current Injection Test Set
Relay Test Set
Sphere Gap Assembly
Phantom Load Test Set
Instrument Transformer & Switchgear Test Set: Instrument Transformer (CT & PT) Test Set, CT Knee Point Excitation, Excitation Current cum AC High Voltage Test Set, Partial Discharge Test Set, Circuit Breaker Analyzer, Millivolt Drop Test Set, High Voltage Vacuum Test Set
Cable Fault Locator
Surge Tester, Capacitor Discharge Unit, Impulse Current Generator
Isolation Transformer, X-Ray Transformer, Brazing Transformer
AC & DC Motor-Generator Set with Panel
Capacitive / Resistive Load Bank

Mechanical Engineering :

ARC / TIG / MIG Welding Machine with accessories
Lathe Machine, CNC Lathe
Portable Drilling Machine / Grinding Machine
Radial Drilling Machine / Milling Machine / Shaping Machine
Screw Driver / Scriber / Spanner / Hammer / Plier / Files / Chisels / Rules
Caliper / Gages
Micrometer / Indicator
Linear Encoder / Magnifier / Comparator
CO2 Welding Machine
Pillar Drilling Machine
Welding Generator DC Rotary Set 200-300 amps Rectifier Type
Transformer Welding
Power Hacksaw Machine

Electronics & Communication Engineering :

Multimeter / DSO / Frequency Counter / Function Generator
Digital Electronics: Digital IC Trainer Kit, Digital & Analog IC Trainer for TTL, CMOS & analog experiments
Basic Digital Electronics: RS, D, T, JK, Master Slave JK Flip-Flops, Shift Register SISO, SIPO, PISO, PIPO, 4-Bit Synchronous Binary, 4-Bit Decade, Modulo-N-Counter, 4-Bit Up / Down, 4-Bit Ring Counter
Operational Amplifiers: Linear IC Trainer, OPAMP Timer Trainer, Characteristics, OPAMP Summer, Differentiator, Integrator, Subtractor etc.
Power & Industrial Electronics: Power Electronics Trainer with Meters, SCR, DIAC, TRIAC, UJT Characteristics
Network Analysis and Bridges: Thevenins, Nortons, Superposition, Maximum Power Transfer Theorems, Loop & Node Analysis etc.
Amplifier Circuits
Oscilators and Waveshaping
8086, 8085 Microprocessor, 8051 Microcontroller Trainer
DSP Application Trainer
PAM, PPM, PWM, Modulation & De-Modulation

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